Made in Detroit with Love

First-Rate Jewelry Design and Advice in Detroit

Based in Detroit, our goal with Kathleen's Goodie Bag is to provide expert jewelry design and consulting services. With the handling of a certified professional at every step of the process, we are confident that you will be beyond satisfied with the quality of work you receive. CAD/CAM Jewelry Design, Jewelry ...

Our Mission

I wouldn't be reaching if I said that nobody likes buyer's remorse and with something as personal and expensive as jewelry, it's important to feel confident that you got what you paid for. Here at Detroit Goodie Bag, we seek to create educated clients through our Reference page which provides helpful information ...

Credentials and Affiliations

  • GIA Certified Gemologist
  • GIA Certified CAD/CAM Jewelry Designer
  • Studio Jewelers LTD Certified Bench Jeweler
  • Black in Jewelry Coalition
  • Women's Jewlery Association